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Australia's first choice for Festivals + Events

Promote your event or festival with a range of exclusive branded china or glassware.

Create distinctive a collection of quality souvenir products products that stand out from the rest.


You will find a range of items in our products section, including plates, mugs, tankards, and plaques. If you don't find what you are looking for, please contact us as we can assist with sourcing special items.


We can reproduce, handrawn illustrations, water colours or photographs. From simple single colour through to complex multi colour artwork using the latest computer graphics. All can be printed and fired to your specific requirements.

Small runs and large orders are all catered for.

Our experienced and dedicated staff are available to guide you through the ordering process with a minimum of fuss.

To make an enquiry, request a quote or place an order, click here.

Additional Print Features & Hand Finished Effects

Handle Flash

Gulded Rim

Handle Flash        Guilded Rim
Add a splash of colour or the glint of gold or
silver to the handle of your mug.
        Add a gold or silver line to the rim of your        mug,
       plate or glass, for that extra sparkle.
Rim Print Inside Mug  
Gold Handpainted Rim
Rim Print           Genuine 22 Carat Gold Rim
Add text or a small graphic to the inside
of the mug.
          Add a hand painted gold rim to your         glassware